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History :

The Bourgeon Greenhouses are located in the Municipality of La Pêche in the Outaouais, 30 minutes north of Gatineau (Hull sector).  We produce herbs, vegetable plants, annuals and perennials from seeds and cuttings in 5 greenhouses on site.  It is possible to purchase a wide variety of plants in cell packs, pots, hanging baskets and pre-made planters.  In addition to the annuals and perennials we have a wide variety of seeds, shrubs, small fruit plants and horticultural products.  We also carry quality Fafard products of soils, composts, peat moss, mulch and fertilizers.  Many of the Fafard products are certified for organic production.

The new owners, Chantal Boucher and Yves Turgeon, acquired ownership from Lorie Nesbitt in April 2017.  Ms. Nesbitt, who operated the greenhouses (formerly known as McKenna Greenhouses) for over 35 years, agreed to mentor for 2 years and will be present for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

After leaving the Federal Public Service in the fall of 2012, Chantal Boucher joined Ms. Nesbitt’s team in the Spring of 2013, while completing an Horticultural and Green Space Management Certificate from Laval University.  Knowing Ms. Nesbitt was thinking about retirement, the project of acquisition of the greenhouses took form.  Supported by her husband, Yves Turgeon, Chantal Boucher will, as of 2017, operate the greenhouses under the name “ Bourgeon Greenhouses” with the same team of passionate people ready to spread the benefits of gardening and add colour and beauty to your environment.

Our Website will be fully operational in the fall 2018. Until then, please consult our Facebook page.


819 456-3190